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Today, users and companies make high demands on information and communication systems. For example, in the area of reliability (i.e. availability, integrity and privacy) and ensuring the continuity of ICT systems.

With ICT & Infrastructure you will be trained as an infrastructure engineer. You will ensure that all the information and communication systems will work (or continue to work) optimally on the installed infrastructure. You will be able to offer, manage, monitor and secure ICT resources. This also includes the rapidly changing technology (virtualisation - cloud) and increasingly complex IT landscapes.

New management and monitoring tools and the increasing automation of management tasks also play a role in the daily practice of an infrastructure engineer. In addition to managing existing ICT infrastructures, you can also advise, design, test and realise new infrastructures based on set criteria and new technology.

After graduation you can start working as a technical service manager, security officer, network engineer, cloud architect, cloud engineer or DevOps network engineer.

More information

For more information, please contact programme manager Frank Haverkort | f.haverkort@fontys.nl