ICT & Creative Technology

ICT & Creative Technology

Imagine our society without technology…

Well, you can’t, can you? It is intertwined with our everyday lives. Technology is improving our lives, while at the same time attacking our privacy. It can mobilise people to interact with each other, it’s getting us to the moon, it is … [insert personal daydream/nightmare here]

With ICT & Creative Technology you will learn how to develop a personal perspective on past, present and future technologies. You will gain a more in-depth connection with creativity in general and your own creativity, always in a context involving (emerging) technologies. You will use a diversity of technologies to create an impact on society.

“Creative Technology is for the ones who want to make an impact on society with ICT.” Mijke van der Zee - Lecturer Creative Technology

In the specialisation ICT & Creative Technology you will either start from an impact you want to make and research a technology’s potential to create it, or you start from a technology of choice and investigate how to make an impact with it.

During the semester you will explore your creative self, do loads of tech experiments, design jaw-dropping interactive experiences, take in inspiration by making regular field trips, discuss about ethics and ultimately become an expert in creating innovative possibilities with technology.


After finishing your education you could work in broad spectrum of professions. It could either be a creative profession with technology skills like a Designer of new forms of interaction, Designer of (interactive) exhibitions, Digital Marketing & Branding or a tech profession with creative skills like Technology specialist for creative productions or a Smart City Technology consultant.

These are just examples, apart from looking at exisiting jobs: how and where do you think you could contribute as a creative/technological boundary-crosser, building bridges between people and tech?

You are not just trained for a future job, but so much more for a mindset: to be willing to change, to be resilient. You are willing to work with/in the unexpected, to disrupt expectations instead of docile fulfillment.

As a creative you are always aiming to change peoples perspectives, make them see the world around them as they never did before.

Presentation informationmarket April 2021

If you missed the informationmarket on April 6th, 2021, you can watch the Powerpoint here.

PowerPoint presentation April 6th, 2021

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For more information, please contact programme manager Natasja Martens: n.martens@fontys.nl.