Fontys School of ICT Teaching Methods

Teaching methods

How do you learn best? What do you need at this stage of your development to become the ICT professional you want to be? The answers to these questions are essential in choosing the best teaching method for you.

By reading the general information about the teaching methods and watching the introductory videos, you will get an idea of the similarities and differences.

This general information forms the basis for the conversation you will have with your coach this semester. The coach not only follows up on your orientation activities, but he or she can also explain what the teaching methods mean and how they impact your learning process.

Your semester coach is a vital sparring partner when choosing a teaching method. He or she can give you the necessary in-depth information you need.

You can also consult teachers and students from the various teaching methods; you can visit info markets and study the demos that have been created.

Enrollment deadline

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Sunday, 2 May 2021

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CB Course based learning
DB Demand based learning
OL Open learning

Make your own choice

For semester 3 you can choose a more predictable teaching method (course-based learning), a flexible (demand-based learning) or a fully open teaching method (open learning).

Choose the teaching method that suits you best!