Fontys School of ICT curriculum

Curriculum Overview and Choices

Diagram of your curriculum options. Blocks indicate different contents. Colors represent various Learning formats.

Overview Bachelor Full-time

Semester 1 - Orientation Profiles

You have entered your first semester in the English Course based or Dutch Demand based learning format of your choice. The semester is an orientation on the five study profiles Technology, Software Engineering, Infrastructure, Business and Media Design.

During the semester you select the profile of your preference.

You might even decide to switch from the four year bachelor (European Qualifications Framework level 6) to the two year associate degree (level 5, only offered in Dutch).

Semester 2 - Introduction Profile

You continue your studies in your chosen learning format. The semester is a full blown introduction in your selected study profile.

If you pass, you receive your bachelor propeadeutic certificate. That is valid for life.

Semester 3 - Main Profile / Personal Programme

You can continue with your selected profile or do a personal programme in Open learning.

If you stay in your profile, you have the option - for once - to switch between the Course and Demand based learning formats.

As students from the Dutch and English propaedeutics mingle, education is bilingual. Study materials are in English for general convenience. Dutch or English is the spoken language depending on the situation. In Tilburg Dutch is always the educational language.

Semester 4 - Main Specialisation / Personal Programme

You can choose your specialisation or do a personal programme in Open learning.

All specialisations are in the bilingual Research based learning format, regardless of your previous semesters.

Semester 5 - Internship

You have a range of flexible options. Your internship can focus on your profile, your specialisation, any combination of both or your personal Open learning ambitions.

Internships can be done at commercial, governmental or non-governmental organisations. Research chairs at Fontys ICT may offer internships. Internships in own companies can be discussed.

Note: arrangements for an internship in your next semester can only start once you have acquired 30 credits in your previous semester.

Semester 6 & 7 - Advanced Profile / Advanced Specialisation / Personal Programme / Minor

The basic picture: your options are Advanced profile, Advanced specialisation, Personal programme semester 6, Personal programme semester 7 and Minor. Out of these five, you must select two.

Education in semesters 6 and 7 is in the bilingual Research based format. To enter an Advanced profile or Advanced specialisation you must meet the admission requirements.

If you choose to do a minor, you can do it at Fontys ICT, at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, elsewhere in The Netherlands ( or abroad ( If you consider continuing your studies for a master degree at an academic university and if you meet the admission criteria, you can do a transfer minor.

Take note that some minors are only offered once a year.

You can not do more than one minor during your 240 credits bachelor. However, you may extend your bachelor with an extra minor.

Incidentally, you may have to switch between Eindhoven and Tilburg, depending on your study path and the advanced semesters currently on offer.

Variations on the 'basic picture' may be possible, as long as you meet the entry requirements. For example, you might do two different Advanced profiles or two different Advanced specializations. Always consult your semestercoach about your alternative study route.

Semester 8 - Graduation

You can start your graduation when all other semesters have been completed succesfully. For the graduation internship your options are corresponding to the semester 5 internship. If you pass, you receive your bachelor of science certificate. Your certificate supplement contains all details about your study route like your profile, specialisation et cetera.


If you must redo semester 3, the study route is to take semester 4 first. After that restart semester 3. The same applies to semester 6 and 7. Basic line of thought however is that Fontys ICT wants you to pass semesters right away, not to retake them.

Note: Advanced ICT & Education

The contents of the advanced specialisation ICT & Education are different from the general Dutch HBO-I standard. You must combine this specialisation with another advanced semester or with Open learning to meet the HBO-I graduation level. That excludes doing a minor.