ICT & Smart Industry and IoT

ICT & Smart Industry and IoT

Technological innovative solutions have always had strong influence on the manufacturing and production process and the human history has experienced 3 industrial revolutions. Now we are witnessing the 4th Industrial revolution which is about introducing information technologies in the industrial processes and we are part of it.

In the past decade, also industrial machines have slowly but surely connected to the Internet, to share more and more data on appliances, production, services, logistics. They share them with people, but also among machines. This data can be used to make the current industries smarter, more efficient and more sustainable. Today we can say without doubt, that Industry 4.0 has arrived.

The new area of Smart Industry raises a whole spectrum of new questions that need answering. How can machines share data safely, securely, in a robust way? How can these data be used for optimisation and improvement of productivity (e.g., machine learning)? How can machines interact effectively? How humans can interact better and more effectively with the machines? How the business values can be increased and costs can be reduced?

The specialisation Smart Industry provides answers to these questions in multi-disciplinary projects.

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Tom Langhorst
"Within Smart Industry, wearable technology, big data, machine learning, (industrial) IoT, 5G, Cloud solutions, Cyber Physical Systems, Manufacturing excecution systems, Resource planning, Human machine interaction (user experience, user dashboards), Machine to machine communication, interaction and (cyber) security come together where the software is the glue." Xander Hover – Lecturer Smart Industry

Within this specialization you get to know how the relevant digital technologies are integrated and used in the manufacturing process. A special attention is given to the IoT technologies applied in industry and society.

Specific for the specialization ICT & Smart Industry and IoT is that you understand the role of various advanced technology and you choose yourself which technologies you want to learn further in more depth. You apply those in a Smart Industry and IoT context, working in a multidisciplinary team on real cases. In this way, next to advancing in the chosen directions, you also understand how different aspects of the manufacturing process influence each other.

The following technologies are offered in the Smart Industry and IoT specialization:

  • Front end dashboards and human-machine interaction with e.g. JavaScript, Grafana, Elastic Stack
  • 2D/3D modelling and virtualization of machines with e.g. Ciros@, Three.js, Unity
  • Node-Red prototyping
  • LoRa and Bluetooth BLE low energy IoT communication
  • AWS and AZURE cloud integration
  • 4G/5G network
  • PLC programming and EtherCAT fieldbus communication with e.g. Codesys, TwinCat
  • Feedback Control Systems
  • Smart Supply Chain Management
  • Business Data processing
  • Machine learning, predictive maintenance with Python
  • Robotics with ROS

Within this specialization program you already work directly on real cases for external partners. And whatever you learn in the Smart Industry and IoT is directly applicable in the field.

Depending on your preferences, you will specialise as

  • Software Engineer Smart Industry
  • IoT Communication Engineer
  • Industrial Automation Engineer
  • Digital Business Consultant
  • Data Engineer Smart Industry

Students of Smart Industry and IoT can do their internship or complete their study at companies like CGI, Actemium, Ericsson, Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, Festo, DAF.


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